(Untitled Short Story / Third person / Rough Draft)

“Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Haaapppyy Biiirthday dear Alex… Happy Birthday to youuuuu”. Turning twelve years old was an exciting but a very awkward time for me. I was a skinny twerp, on the short side, pale looking kid… Not impressionable by any means with the girls. Except I was an athlete, … More (Untitled Short Story / Third person / Rough Draft)


Silence is golden… [pause] Silence purifies your mind of the unwanted bull s**t around you. It evaporates the negativity and awakens the positives. Silence can enlighten your soul, ambitions and awareness of the greatness you possess. Silence is golden… [pause] Silence can knock out a bad day. Silence rejuvenates the heart and soul for that … More Silence

I am here

I’m not suppose to be here. I have doubt, I have distrust and anguish of an all familiar foe… I ask “who put you here?” …and “why do YOU exist?” “I will strive to exist. I will overcome this distrust and stomp the anguish you have created” Thank you for listening.